Tehnomoto - Processing of high pressure hoses and sale of original spare parts for cargo vehicles

About Us ...

TEHNOMOTO DOOEL Prilep is private company founded in 1993 from only founder Nikola Petreski, in the beginning under the name LOLIGO TREJD Prilep. In the same year name of the company is changed in TEHNOMOTO DOOEL Prilep. In that period company is specialized for trading of spare parts and other operating supplies for heavy vehicles actual for that period and market consumption as FAP,TAM,MB,and Indos forklifts.

In 1996 year company spread his activities and start with manufacturing of high and low hydraulic hoses with working pressure up to 450 bar, who are applied in industry for building machines and heavy vehicles, like trucks , buses etc.

In 2005 year founder Nikola Petreski hand-over from management in name of his son, who spread company program with new palette of spare parts including trading program for MAN,MB,SCANIA,VOLVO,DAF,BPW,SAF,ROR etc.

In that period company make connection with Shmitter Germany and according their technology and instruction start to produce high quality hydraulic hoses use their connectors, mostly for Macedonian market.

Almost all our supplier of high quality spare part intended for trading in Macedonian market is coming from branded companies like Mahle and DPH from Germany, CEI, Euroricambi and Errevi from Italy.

Company on disposal has 250 m² under storage and offices in the center of the city.

According official dates from balance sheets from previous year’s , company is growing mainly about suitable spare parts assortment, quantities on stock and growing clients, company will enlarge storage space for new 300 m2 .

Success is completed with company staff who work in offices equipped with newest computer technologies enhanced professionalism and efficiency in their work.

For completing of good service company have delivery vehicle to the services and consumers.

For quality of our own products we give our guaranty and for trading products always we give guaranty and certificates from producers of spare parts.